Loperbow Springosonic


Ivan Mrši? is a New Zealand interdisciplinary artist, percussionist, composer and improviser. Founder of The Projection Band, experimental improv band that plays invented instruments, mixed with acoustic and electronic gear. His work crosses many disciplines; he builds his practice on notions of avant gardé transforming them into contemporary dialogue. He has a fascination and annoyance with consumerism, waste and excessive energy consumption.

His video installations in darkened venues, transform the audiences perception of processes and materials that he has manipulated. He references today’s consumerism as a society of deception and exploitation. Part of his aural experimental practice explores the sonic potential of discarded everyday-objects. He also builds instruments himself – his “Theareye Collection”. These objects and instruments have become vehicles for composition, improvisation and experimentation in performance and sound.

For his live performance ToBeContinued Ivan will play: Loperbow Springosonic