Kakokarangaphonia Orchestra

15 October 2016

Ivan Mršić’s Kakokarangaphonia Orchestra is an experimental sound art ensemble comprised of musicians, sound artists and enthusiasts who will play together for the first time. This unpredictable one-hour event is guided only by a random composition, based on binary code, that the performers will then translate into improvised sounds and movement.

Through these many variables, the Kakokarangaphonia Orchestra is an attempt to gain insight into how society is not always rational and ordered but rather a patchwork of chance encounters, innovative chaos and serendipitous symphony. By combining the Greek word kako (bad or unpleasant) and the Māori word karanga (a ceremonial welcome, or to call out), Mršić also references the complex nature that sound plays in our social encounters as a vehicle for unity, discord or ingenuity.

Kakokarangaphonia Orchestra, 2016
a collaborative offsite performance, 12pm – 1pm, 15 October 2016
Karanga Plaza, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland
as part of the Te Tuhi exhibition Share/Cheat/Unite
13 August – 23 October 2016
filmed and edited by Ian Powell
supported by Panuku Development Auckland
commissioned by Te Tuhi, Auckland

Tom Cadillac
Xin Cheng
Sean Curham
Malcolm Dunn
Phill Dryson
Ben Holmes
Rui Inaba
Kevin Kim
Kristian Larsen
Melissa Laing
Ivan Mršić
Immi Paterson-Harkness
John Radford
Adam Rotgans
Maurice Reviol
Balamohan Shingade
Paul Smith
Marek Billington
Joel Vinsen
Dedee Wirjapranata
Colin James Woods
Inda Yansane
Tristan Hancock